The insurance industry continues to seek out and test new marketing and delivery systems. If you are like many agents, you are probably looking for a way to improve your commissions. A great solution is to consider payroll deduction products, or Worksite Marketing as it is now called.

With the use of these programs employers are now able to give life long benefits to their employees without adding additional cost to their overhead. We help take employers “off the hook”, and help control their employee benefits cost while saving their employees money. Employees are interested in having enough money to live on at retirement. They are interested in what happens to their families if they die or become disabled, and in how to pay the medical and non-medical expenses associated with a disease or accident. We are able to show you how to change that interest the employees show into concern for themselves and their families. Employees appreciate the concern that is shown to them for their well-being, and in return this creates a happier work force for the employer.

Our worksite department is in position to be a part of your marketing team. Over the last several years, we have had great success in assisting agents in identifying potential and existing clients in this lucrative market. American Insurnet has been able to secure national marketing contracts with a wide variety of carriers. This enables us to bring the best solution to you for each case, and not force you into the “square peg in the round hole” syndrome. We have extensive experience in taking agents who have no worksite experience and making them into competent specialists in this arena. With our own marketing and enrollment teams, we can provide a complete “turnkey operation”, handling everything for you, or a hands off approach with just bringing you the products. In all areas we can give you complete training.

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