One of the easiest ways for an employee to qualify for voluntary benefits in the workplace is through group products.  These products can be less expensive than individual products and the risk is spread over the entire group so there is preferential underwriting with certain participation levels.  Underwriting based on participation allows those employees who may not be able to be approved for an individual product can get approved through Guarantee Issue on group products.

American Insurnet also can assist groups with Annuities and 401K Retirement Plans to assist employees with maximizing their income for the post employment years.


American Insurnet represents many of the industry’s top group disability carriers. We are one of the nation’s largest full service brokerage agencies with representatives specializing in disability income protection. With nearly 50 years of specialization, we can provide timely, informative, objective disability insurance quotes/information for all of your clients’ disability requirements.

Even if your client has been turned down, rejected, declined, been classified as a sub-standard or as an impaired risk, we may be able to provide coverage through group plans. Conditions that we may be able to find coverage for that others might consider un-insurable could be due to, but not limited to any of the following health conditions or other reasons: over-weight, over-age, depression/anxiety etc., diabetic, heart, cancer, dangerous or blue collar work, working abroad, home based, new business, over-insured, or government work.

We provide free quotes, competitive information and point of sales assistance. For more information on Group Disability, please contact us at 800-333-4638 extensions 100.


American Insurnet’s Life Insurance Department is your “Source” for Life Insurance. We offer:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Point of Sale Assistance (2nd to None)
  • Case Creation and Setup
  • Best Rate Class Offers & Premiums for Your Clients
  • Best Selection of Term Companies in the Tri-State Area
  • Full Selection of Permanent Products, Universal, Whole Life, and Second to Die
  • Updates on Special Programs Offered by All Carriers
  • Email, Fax, Mail, Delivered Quotes
  • “Fast Quote” Forms for Impaired Risk Cases
Long Term Care

Group Long Term Care Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance needs. For over ten years our staff has been a proponent of Group LTCi marketing. We offer our agents the widest array of carriers, including the market leaders and the market makers. Combined with our expertise in product evaluation, our LTCi staff will help in a number of ways not normally associated with a “brokerage house”.

All of our services make American Insurnet your one stop backroom for Group LTCi. Let us help you enter the great new market!!!

Please call with additional needs that you may have: (800) 333-4638.

Critical Illness

Group Critical Illness coverage is designed to provide assistance to those sticken by a catastrophic illness such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Organ Transplants and more.  CI insurance will provide funds to help offset high deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and everyday living expenses during treatment and recovery.  Guarantee Issue opportunities will also allow employees who have a history of critical illnesses and sickness to qualify for coverage.

We work with a variety of carriers that will allow you and your clients to tailor a plan that best fits their needs.


We offer our brokers some of the top rated Group Annuity carriers in the business today. In fact, our philosophy is to offer only those Group carriers who we believe are financially strong and offer your client the security of substantial size and competitive products.  When you are looking for that best vehicle to assist a client in their retirement and future income planning, contact one of American Insurnet’s representatives to determine the best fit.

Retirement 401k

American Insurnet can assist employers with setting up 401K plans to assist employees with post employment and retirement income.  Our specialists can work with employers to determine the best plans and employer contributions to maximize accounts for employees.


American Insurnet represents numerous carriers in the traditional Group Cancer plan line of products.  We represent both plans along with lump sum and schedule of benefit plans.  These plans provide financial assistance in a person’s special time of need when diagnosed with Cancer.

Mini Med & Limited Medical Benefit Plans

Mini Med and Limited Medical Plans have become more in demand in the workplace with the rising cost of health care.  Employers are looking for ways to control expenses and eliminate overhead without eliminating their employees’ benefits away.  Mini and Limited Medical Plans are reduced benefit plans that still give employees basic medical coverage in case of a medical emergency.  These plans are also perfect for part time employees.